Perhaps, Perhaps... Quizas


Fringe festival darling Gabriela Munoz will delight Taranaki audiences with an unrequited story of longing and laughter.

In this solo show, the young Mexican performer plays a lonely woman who rehearses once a week for the arrival of the so called “one”. Will she get lucky tonight? Perhaps, perhaps, quizás (maybe)…

As heart-wrenching as it is hilarious, this hit show has captivated audiences the world over, including New Zealand. In the 2016 Wellington Fringe Festival, Munoz was named Outstanding Performer and the show was awarded Best in Fringe.

This quirky and charming piece comes with a dusting of clowning, a healthy dollop of comedy, and the ability to leave you delighted.

“Here is an artist holding that door open for anyone to cross... and that is a special opportunity.” – Jef Johnson, Cirque du Soleil and Slava's Snowshow clown.

"This is an incredibly heart-breaking work of art. Bravo!” - Jennifer Stokes, NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012.

To the point: Solo show/Mexican performer/heart-wrenching and hilarious/quirky and charming/physical comedy/fringe festival winner.

Sat, Sep 2, 6pm
Sun, Sep 3, 2pm

Crystal Palace

60 minutes 

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