Alice Galletly

New Zealand/Aotearoa
Libri Lounge: How to Have a Beer 

“So you want to be a beer expert. And who wouldn’t? The fame, the money, the calls from your Mum asking which stout she should get at the supermarket – it’s what we’re all in for at the end of the day,” – Alice Galletly.

Journalist Alice is a self-confessed beer nerd with a blog and book to back her up.

But don’t expect a snobby pale ale connoisseur or a lofty lover of lager – she is as earthy as the yeast used in beer making.

For a year from August 9, 2011, Galletly drank a different bottle of beer each day and wrote about it in a blog.

The drinking and blogging led to the book, writing for glossy food magazines and even becoming a judge in the 2017 New World Beer & Cider Awards.

Alice and her book How to Have a Beer will have you guffawing into your Guinness with her wit and self-effacing tales.

To the point: Self-confessed beer buff/journalist, blogger, author/witty and self-effacing/down to earth.

Sat, Sep 2, 4pm 

Libri Lounge 

60 minutes 

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