Allan Scott

New Zealand/Aotearoa
Libri Lounge: Marlborough Man by Allan Scott

This is Allan Scott’s quintessential Kiwi story of how he became an accidental wine-industry trailblazer.

As a young farmhand he helped plant the first vines, going on to help Montana and Corbans establish their sauvignon vineyards, and then to found his own hugely successful family winery. 

In Marlborough Man, Allan talks about the characters he’s met, the wine he’s made and the stories that surround the industry he’s grown to love. It also details the global success of New Zealand's billion-dollar sauvignon blanc industry.

In this autobiography, penned with help from ghost writer Eric Arnold, there are heroes and villains, tales of luck and perseverance, mistakes and triumphs, bloody-mindedness and extraordinary ingenuity.

With humour and humility, Allan tells a personal saga of risking it all and keeping a family together.

Ticket price includes a glass of Allan Scott Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

To the point: Story of a wine-industry trail blazer/heroes and villains/luck and perseverance/mistakes and triumphs/ingenuity and risks/power of family.

Sun, Aug 20, 4pm 

Libri Lounge 

60 minutes 

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