An Awfully Big Adventure

New Zealand/Aotearoa

For the generation of New Zealanders who went to World War I, heading to the other side of the world to fight for the motherland was often seen as an awfully big adventure.

The reality proved to be a far cry from that, as is revealed in this often hilarious, but thought provoking play.

The story, with its very own links to Taranaki, explores what happens when two young Kiwi men with very different views on war find themselves on the battlefields of Europe struggling to survive.

One sees war as his chance to see the world, before he’s thrust into the trenches of Gallipoli, the other, a conscientious objector, faces persecution for refusing to put on the uniform.

Not that it’s all serious. This one-hour family-friendly story is also told through fun songs and clever set design, presenting complex politics in a way that everyone can discuss and understand.

An Awfully Big Adventure is exactly the sort of show I would have loved as a child, and one I absolutely love now as an adult”. – Theatre Review

To the point: War story for families/thought-provoking/funny and theatrical/musical moments/adventurous.

Thurs, Aug 24, 6pm 

TSB Theatre, TSB Showplace

60 minutes

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Suitable for ages 7+

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