Anatomy of the Piano


When charming UK performer Will Pickvance was young he asked Father Christmas for a spaceship – instead he got a piano.

In this one-man show, Will takes the audience on an adventure into the world of the piano. We find out where they come from, how they evolved and why the make a pretty cool Christmas present.

Anatomy of the Piano premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013, receiving critical acclaim and sell-out audiences.

Since then, Will has continued to develop the show’s concept and taken it around the world.

Billed as “part recital, part dissection”, this performance features whirlwind piano playing, songs and stories as well as hand-drawn projections.

This show is for children aged 6+, their parents, aunts, uncles, and even the friendly neighbours. This entertaining look at the innards of a piano features Bach’s cave piano, Beethoven’s bad moods and even a jam with Fats Waller.

A lovely outing for you and the kids on a Friday evening.

To the point: Charming one-man show/adventures into world of piano/sell-out audiences/critically acclaimed/piano playing, songs, stories/family outing

Thurs, Aug 31, 5.30pm
Fri, Sep1, 6pm 

Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace 

60 minutes 

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Suitable for ages 6+

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