Art Bites

Presented by Puke Ariki 

Join us for some exciting 'art bites' session with Taranaki artists. 

During two lunchtime events, artists whose creations have been selected for the Home Work exhibition at Puke Ariki will share insights into their artworks and take questions from the floor. 


Amanda Hewlett
New Plymouth painter Amanda Hewlett is inspired by the land and the stories tied to it. Her work explores her identity as a New Zealander and often incorporates references to local history. 

Howard Tuffery 
Howard Tuffery has a studio in Urenui where he works mostly with stone sculpting and woodcarving. However, his latest public sculpture, Light on the Land on the New Plymouth foreshore, is a large stainless steel work. His work is inspired by his surroundings, particularly the Taranaki coast. 

Ian Axtell
painter Ian Axtell was born in England but moved to New Zealand in 1973. His work emcompasses a wide range of styles from impressionism to abstraction, and is often inspired by the Taranaki environment. 


Antonia O'Mahoney
Printmaker Antonia O'Mahoney draws freehand, creating images directly from her imagination that are then etched into a metal plate. She produces small editions of her work, and also exhibits the original plates, revealing the complexity of the process. 

Jordan Barnes 
new Plymouth's Jordan Barnes is both a painter and a recording artist. He works in a range of media, including oil paint and charcoal, in a highly realist style and draws on his own life experiences for inspiration. 

Pat Greenfield 
Photographer Pat Greenfield lives in New Plymouth but is a regular visitor to Tongaporutu, where she has been documenting the changing coastline since 2000. Her images are a poignant reminder of the strength of natural forces and the impacts they have on our environment. 

Tuesday August 29 and 
Thursday August 31 
Noon until 1pm

Temporary Exhibitions Gallery, Puke Ariki 

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