Chef - Come Dine With Us

South Korea
Live Action Comedy

With all the ingredients for a sizzling show, Chef – Come Dine With Us is a deliciously funny romp on the big stage.

Slapstick comedy, brilliant break-dancing and breath-taking beat-boxing are thrown into the mix for this laugh-a-second performance loosely based around food.

The premise is a crazy competition between two chefs – red chef and green chef – with the audience called on to help choose the winner. 

South Korean pop music and insanely talented beat-boxers provide the soundtrack for this food show parody, which is cheeky and at times totally bonkers.

A fast-paced visual feast, Chef is perfect for all the family and may just be the unsung hit of the festival.

Chef rolls from one gag to the next as the cast gleefully subvert their own set pieces time after time. They pack comedy, dance, music and sketches into a fantastic hour of entertainment.” – Edinburgh Evening News

To the point: Sizzling food show/deliciously funny/slapstick comedy/break-dancing/beat-boxing/cheeky and bonkers/fast-paced visual feast.

Sat, Aug 26, 7.30pm
Sun, Aug 27, 2pm

TSB Theatre, TSB Showplace

75 minutes

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