Karyn Hay

New Zealand/Aotearoa
Libri Lounge: The March of the Foxgloves

The heroine of Karyn Hay’s second book, The March of the Foxgloves, is as rebellious as the media personality herself.

Karyn, well-known as the presenter of iconic 1980s TV show, Radio With Pictures, has always spoken her mind.

As well as spending more than a decade as the evening talkback host on RadioLIVE, this veteran broadcaster is an award-winning novelist.

The March of the Foxgloves centres on the risqué nude photos of Frances Woodward, a feisty “new woman”, who flees London, leaving behind a scandal, and the cruel and narcissistic Benedict Hunt.

In her adopted country, Frances falls in with other artists and non-conformists to forge her own path.

This novel explores Victorian erotica and is set in colonial Auckland and Tauranga in 1893, the year New Zealand women got the vote.

Sat, Aug 19, 2pm

Libri Lounge 

60 minutes 

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