Manifesto 2083

New Zealand/Aotearoa

The fascinating one-man play has travelled the globe, holding a mirror up to our world and questioning the power of politics, and the psychology behind a madman’s actions.

Directed by the award-winning Anders Falstie-Jensen and starring multi award-winning New Zealand actor Edwin Wright, Manifesto 2083 gives an extraordinary insight into the mind of a man who committed a despicable act of terror.

This powerful and cautionary tale shows just how far someone is willing to go to be heard, especially when they harbour a deep hatred of multiculturalism and political correctness.

Described as “theatre that needs to be seen to be understood” Manifesto 2083 is a fascinating and thought-provoking piece of social commentary.

Manifesto 2083 is a profound and challenging piece of theatre… Just make sure to bring a friend: you will need to talk about it afterwards,” Theatre Review.

Sat, Aug 26, 6pm 
Sun, Aug 27, 4pm

Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace

60 minutes

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