Miss Jean Batten

New Zealand/Aotearoa

When Miss Jean Batten successfully landed in Auckland in 1936, the mayor greeted her with the words, “Jean you are a very naughty girl, and really I think you want a good spanking for giving us such a terribly anxious time here.”

Flying in the face of danger and convention, Jean Batten wasn’t just cool and glamorous; she was a great pilot who knew how to wield a wrench.

In this one-woman show, Alex Ellis becomes Jean Batten taking us on that epic journey in a single-engine plane made of wood and fabric and navigating with a compass and watch.

Written by Phil Ormsby, the script is as elegant as Jean Batten, who always dressed like a movie star, even when soaring through the skies.

On this thrilling flight, in which Mt Taranaki has a fleeting role, Alex shares Jean Batten’s life story.

Sir Edmund Hillary’s triumphant ascent of Mt Everest is world famous – in this play we celebrate another New Zealander who also reached great heights.

“This is a magical tale and in her own words ‘utterly liberating’.” – Stuff

To the point: Story of Jean Batten/one-woman show/epic journey/glamour and tools/elegant script/thrilling flight/magical tale

Thurs, Aug 31, 8pm
Fri, Sep 1, 8.30pm

Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace

60 minutes

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