Nick Bollinger

New Zealand/Aotearoa
Libri Lounge: Goneville 

Nick Bollinger’s Goneville is a coming-of-age story and an intimate look at the evolving music scene in 1970s New Zealand.

Back then Nick turned his back on regular jobs and university to become a bass player with Rick Bryant’s Rough Justice. On the road, he had close encounters with a bevy of New Zealand greats including Bruno Lawrence’s Blerta and hit-maker Dragon.

In this memoir, Nick steps into those grimy, wild, drug-fuelled days, and brings them to life with deft story-telling.

Nick has been writing about music for as long as he can remember, starting with a record review for a school newspaper when he was 10. Now, more than four decades later, writing about music occupies most of his working hours.

Goneville shows how music intersected (sometimes violently) with the prevailing culture, in which real men played rugby, not rock.

To the point: Long-time music writer/memoir on rock culture/deft story-teller/journalist/record reviewer/inside look at 1970s.

Sun, Sep 2, 2pm 

Libri Lounge 

60 minutes 

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