The Absurdity of Humanity

New Zealand/Aotearoa

This is dance, but not as you know it.

In this double bill of wild comedy, energetic movement and raw human power, expect to be wowed by the latest offering from Shona McCullagh and The New Zealand Dance Company.

If you’ve never watched dance before, take the chance to step out, or even jump, to see Ross McCormack’s Matter and Lina Limosani’s Whispers from Pandora’s Box.

Matter considers questions of purpose, indecision, and environment within a surreal network of giant pillars. It’s tribal, powerful and steeped in mythology and beauty.

On the flipside, Whispers from Pandora’s Box is a theatrical riot. This black comedy explores the good and evil within human nature using slapstick, strong characters and mashed-up film soundtracks and absurdist scores. This is Kill Bill meets Elizabeth the 1st.

“It gives me permission to be ridiculous,” choreographer Limosani says.

This two-edged show is one out of the box.

To the point: A double bill of theatrical dance/mythological and macabre/symbolic and slapstick/contemplative and comedic. 

Sun, Sep 3. 6pm 

Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace

90 minutes including interval 

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