The People's Tower

Community Project

Made with cardboard, piles of packing tape and people power, a tower will rise and rise, in central New Plymouth.

People of all ages are invited to use boxes and tape to construct The TSB Community Trust People’s Tower, before witnessing its exciting demolition at the end of the festival.

Olivier Grossetête’s creations have been built (and demolished) around the globe and have featured in the Sydney Festival in Australia, Merchant City Festival in Glasgow and Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

This visual artist, who graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Valence, began developing these collective monumental constructions in 2002.

But before any structures can be erected, the building boxes need to be made by the hard-working inhabitants of the cities where Grossetête’s free-standing works are created!

This community cardboard creation will represent a unique, fleeting interpretation of the local architecture, so please come along to this free community project and help us to reach for the sky.

To the point: Community cardboard creation/people power/packing tape/boxes/for all ages/tall tower/monumental construction/exciting demolition.

We need people power to help build The People's Tower! Workshops are free, but spaces are limited. Please call the festival office on 067598412 or email [email protected] to register for one of the workshops. 

Wed, Aug 30
Thurs, Aug 31
Fri, Sep 1

2.30pm to 4pm 
4pm to 5.30pm 

The Public is invited to assemble the pieces of the tower and watch it rise above the city! 
Sat, Sept 2, 10am to 5pm
Pukekura Park Cricket Pitch, Fillis St, New Plymouth 

Come watch and even participate in the destruction of the tower! 
Sun, Sep 3, 3pm
Pukekura Park Cricket Pitch, Fillis St, New Plymouth 

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