“It’s a show with everything - Lights, sparkles, funk, muscles, skimpy outfits, even wind machines” – *****, West Australian

Inspired by New York’s Studio 54, VELVET is a seductive fusion of disco, dance and circus. With an international ensemble of performers, including legendary Australian diva Marcia Hines, VELVET takes audiences on a journey into a world of glitz and glamour.

This slick show is pure entertainment starring world class performers, a kaleidoscope of costume changes, hula hoops, sequins and discoballs.

“It’s a circus, it’s a disco, it’s a concert,” says Craig Reid, The Incredible Hula Boy and one of many stars in the show, “by the end you’ll be dancing in the aisles.”

This is your invite to join the Velvet party!

To the point: Pure entertainment/circus, disco, concert/shocking, surprising and scintillating/glitz and glamour/show with everything

Thurs, Aug 31, 7.30pm
Fri, Sep 1, 6pm
Fri, Sep 1, 9pm - GLAM NIGHT!
Sat, Sep 2, 5.30pm
Sat, Sep 2, 8.30pm
Sun, Sep 3, 1pm - EXTRA SHOW ADDED!
Sun, Sep 3, 4pm

TSB Theatre, TSB Showplace

80 minutes

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